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Rosa - Director

Hailing from the land of the long white cloud (NZ), CircArts director Rosa never thought she would end up running a circus school after moving to Melbourne in 2011. Circus was always a hobby, which she loved intensely but had never considered running away to the circus a serious career option! I mean, who would right? After seeing the Flying Trapeze artists of the Moscow Circus when she was 6, Rosa couldn’t get enough of circus. A few weeks later her mother found an article in the local paper that started Rosa on her circus journey with InFlight Entertainment (Kiwi kids circus) in Auckland, on an outdoor Flying Trapeze Rig. A tiny red belt became her best friend, and her trainers and peers were like a family, keeping her safe as she flew through the air. Rosa took longer than everyone else in her class to make her first ‘catch’ and still remembers it like it was yesterday. “Everyone was so supportive, clapping and cheering “Finally!”, but Mike (trainer & catcher) was so proud and happy, he pulled me up and gave me a huge hug as we hung off the bar, it’s one of the happiest moments of my life. Getting past the first hurdle was huge, I didn’t give up and when I finally got there, well I felt unstoppable after that.” The school eventually grew and with it so did her confidence, as she moved on to learning and performing a variety of aerial disciplines over the years including Spanish Web/Corde Lisse, Static Trapeze, Aerial Silk and Lyra. Her move to Melbourne led her to becoming part KidsPlace Circus School, eventually becoming business partners and friends with then owner Diana and transforming into CircArts. Now, owning a studio herself, Rosa has come to really respect what her coaches went through to get her to here. “I love them like parents and cannot thank them enough. I don’t know if I would be there without them. Because of their faith in me as a child and teen, the effort they put in behind the scenes to give us the opportunity to train, I fell in love with circus and now live the most rewarding life. Each day I am surrounded by the most amazing, supportive community. Circus is like a world wide family. No matter where you go, if you do circus, regardless of whether you are a newbie or or a relic, you find instant friends that accept, love and support you - whoever you are.”
Fun Fact: ‘Boneless Chicken’ was Rosa’s first nickname, affectionately given to her by her coach Mike because she was so bendy! She loves exploring nature with her Blue Heeler (Chevy) and she believes the toaster has a vendetta against her because she cannot seem to make toast without burning it!

Joshua Brown

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Kimberly Bennett

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Gloria Riccardo

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William Bennett

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