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We offer classes for all ages and skill levels. Our classes are designed so every
students can get the individual attention they need. 

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CircArts Academy
(Ages 3 - 17yrs)

Classes starting 4th of Feb! - Come & Try day 2nd of Feb!

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We offer a variety of classes for children from the age of 3 and up.

Students learn a wide range of foundation skills including tumbling, trapeze, acrobalance,strength & flexibility, aerial silk, juggling,handstands, tightrope, pyramids and hula hooping.

For those wanting to take training a bit more seriously, we offer a chance to focus on specialist skills and to take more than one class a week in our Academy Programs for inter/adv students.



Membership Options - CircArts Academy
(Age 3 - 17yrs)

Tuition Investment

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Drop in/Casual: Not available.

Class prices vary based on the type of classes you are enrolled in,
general circus, troupe, specialty etc

Payment plans are available.

We automatically roll over your enrolment each term for your convenience. 

CircArts Tinies & Preps (3 - 6.5yrs) :
Classes start at $18 per hour , charged on a term by term basis.

CircArts Kids & Teens (6.5-17yrs) :
Classes start at $18 per hour, charged on a term by term basis.

Performance Troupes & Specialties:
Classes start at $18 per hour, charged on a semester basis. (6 months)

Troupe classes continue over school holidays with a break in June for 2 weeks, where students are encouraged
to attend the National Training Project at Flying Fruit Fly Circus in Albury.

CircArts will be facilitating a group excursion for the duration of the project (July 1st to 12th 2019)
More info:

All troupe members must enrol in and attend 1x Troupe Essentials class weekly and a minimum of one skill specific class, whether it is Aerial or Ground Based. Inter and Senior Troupe students are required to demonstrate a high level of skill in 2 Ground Based Skills or 1 Ground Based Skill and 1 Aerial Based Skill.

Sub Junior / Junior / Inter Troupe Packages:
1 Troupe Circus Essentials + 1 Acrobatic Essentials + 1 Aerial Arts Lvl 1 - 4 or Ground Based Class $52.5pw
1 Troupe Circus Essentials + 1 CircArts Troupe Essentials + 1 Aerial Arts Lvl 1 - 4 or Ground Based Class $85pw

10% off Specialties

Senior Troupe Packages:
Performance Troupe Circus Essentials: $52.5pw
1st Specialty: 15% off
Additional Specialties: 20% off

Specialties: $25 - $35 per class

Open Training: FREE for ground based skills / when enrolled in Specialty classes. Aerialists must be enrolled in an aerial class to be eligible for open training time.

Open training must be approved by your coach. Parent supervision is required for students under 15yrs.

Other charges: 

Initial Registration & Uniform
3-6yrs - $90 - Includes Uniform Tshirt, Registration, Membership
7-17yrs - $140 - Includes Uniform Tshirt, Uniform Hoody, Registration, Membership

Register for the following year in November and pay $25 for annual membership & registration!

Group Act Costume hire: $20-$30 per costume - usually 1 costume per 1-2 classes taken, per child)
Solo costumes: $30-$50 per costume

Mid Year/End of Year In House Showcase Tickets: $15 - $20pp / $75 Family of 5

Performance fee: $25pp (Covers additional rehearsals, venue insurance etc. Applies only when performing at other venues. We offer several performances per year in house at CircArts where this does not apply.)

CircArts FIT
Unique Fun Fitness for Adults! 

Classes starting 7th of Jan!  

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Circus classes are a great way to challenge yourself while having fun and improving total body fitness.

With classes for the complete beginner to the experienced acrobat and everyone in between, there is something for everyone, regardlesss of shape, size, age, strength etc! 

Improve your flexibility with our contortion acro class, learn to handstand and flip in our Tumbling class, or increase your strength  while climbing & creating stunning shapes & poses in our our Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop classes.


Membership Options - CircArtsFIT 17yrs+
(Just for Adults!)


Try a class today!

Drop in/Casual from $25 - $40 per class

OR TERM BY TERM (8 weeks)

$18 - $35 per class, charged term by term (8 weeks)

(Includes discounts on workshops and FREE OPEN TRAINING! Excludes Roue Cyr Class)

CircArtsFIT Prices above are based on how many classes a student is enrolled to train weekly. Discounts automatically calculate on enrolment.  

Tuition is paid in advance on a term by term basis. Payment Plans are available.

FREE Open training included when you take 3 classes or more per week!

We automatically roll over your enrolment each term for your convenience.
Other charges: $50 Annual Membership